Connecting devices and clients using simple messaging and protocols.

Sigma Defense/Solute

In my latest role I am ramping up on rust api development and lending a hand on a fullstack, react and python project meant to make the customers workflow easier and more far reaching!


As a member of the Carter’s Store Apps team, build out backend real time messaging platform using AWS API Gateway Websocket API ( javascript ) and add interface code to Android frontend in Kotlin making Carter’s Retail Associates curbside delivery easier and timely and setting the stage for more realtime messaging uses in the future!

TA Instruments

In conjunction with firmware team developed analytical instrument abstraction used by client application to interact with instrument. Architect and developer of TA Instruments, Differential Scanning Calorimeter instrument control user interface. Working with product management, manufacturing, and marketing, the java application combines UI elements, workflows, and thematic stylings, in a java application framework that provides mobile app like navigation, page context help, and instrument communication. The application embodies the “one touch away” branding and is used across the new thermal product line (DSC, TGA, SDT).


At Hologic I was part of the Hologic Selenia™ Dimensions™ team designed implemented the UI application framework that encapsulated user workflow navigation and patient exam setup. For this product designed and implemented gantry abstraction used by the framework that entailed gantry team collaboration on communication protocol over CAN.